The purpose was to make a study guide for the course HUMA 2589:


  • to compare the eras of the three dictators and understand their policies:
    • year-wise
    • country-wise
  • to see the key terms in each chapter in order to:
    • remember what each chapter has
    • revise during examinations
  • to know which years to input to generate a word tree & to remember events in the important years.



  • WORD TREE : Historical data is usually studied in form of a timeline. I wanted to collect data from the HUMA  2589 course books and sites on the internet such as ‘worldhistoryproject’ etc. Word tree was the most effective way of cataloging and pruning the data in order for effective learning.
    • STORYBOARD CREATION: Word clouds of each chapter, embedded in a smart art of Microsoft Word, are an effective means to create a ‘summarized-story’ of the over-600-page books
    • ENTROPY ESTIMATION: I used Wordle to make a semantic cluster from the data used in the word tree, and removed extremely common words such as “Italy”, “Stalin”, etc. to emphasize more on dates and years.

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